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Brazillian Zouk

Zouk is a great example of how social dances evolve over time in response to changes in popular music. The term itself means 'party'.


The Lambada music of the early 1980's that gave rise to the fast, frantic and raunchy lambada dance style  popular at that time, has now largely been replaced in popularity by contemporary Zouk music.


Zouk music is a fusion of several indigenous styles incorporating French Caribbean (particularly from the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique), Latin, African and Jazz rhythms. It tends to be slow and sensual.


Social dancers have adapted styles of dance to accommodate the nature and personality of Zouk music. The main forms are:

  • Caribbean Zouk, based on a two step pattern similar to Merengue; and
  • Brazillian Zouk (or Zouk Lambada) based on a six step pattern that has evolved from Lambada  

DanceFix teaches Brazillian Zouk which is a slow, graceful dance characterised by a wavelike motion through the body and step patterns.


Zouk is suited to small dancefloors and slower Latin and Caribbean music.