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Elizabeth Saxon is the Director & Principal Instructor at DanceFix. She is a gold standard instructor in American Social Ballroom & Street Latin and has been a choreographer, performer & judge for student & instructor demonstrations, competitions & Arts festival events. She attended high school in Nelson Bay & is excited about becoming a local again after many years in Queensland.  

Elizabeth has been teaching for 20 years and has had successful studios in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Hervey Bay. She specializes in both Street & Classic Latin & has trained with major freestyle dance studios around the country including:


* Dancecorp Australia

* Studio One

* Latin Beat

* LatinX

* Nightmoves

* Rio Rhythmics

* Smooth Latin Groove    

* Dance Experience

* Arthur Murray's 

* Jill's Jive

* K & L Latin &

* Kmotion.

Liz attends dance congresses & international workshops to stay current with new dances, dance moves & techniques. She has also had latin and ballroom technique training in the International Competition Style.

Having taught for 20 years, Liz is keenly aware that different people have very different dance aspirations and through DanceFix she endeavors to offer something fun for everyone. In addition to standard partner dance courses, DanceFix offers a specialized LatinFit class that caters just for ladies and tailored bridal programs catering for the specific needs of couples preparing for their wedding dance.


Liz believes heavily in the Garfield philosophy - that life should largely consist of eating, snoozing and busting a move on the dance floor :)  Her aim is always to help people have fun, feel comfortable and look good on the dance floor - with any partner and to any music.                                                   

Liz is looking to train a performance team and new DanceFix instructors in the near future. If you know of anyone with a passion for dance who may be interested in joining our team please contact us.