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Between 1914 and 1920 the Foxtrot split into two dances.  The 'slow time' Foxtrot evolved to cater for changing music and less energetic dancers and developed into today's social Slow Foxtrot. 

The original 'fast' or 'quick time' Foxtrot became known as the Quickstep.


Under English influences, this early version of the Quickstep was integrated with the Charleston, a very popular dance in America in the early 1920's and this introduced many of the characteristic kicks and hops associated with the dance today.


In 1927 Molly Spain and Frank Ford presented the integrated version of the two dances which is most commonly identified with the social Quickstep we know today.


The Quickstep in a very fast, lively and dynamic dance full of running steps, hops, skips, flicks and points which progresses around the floor.


It needs a large floor and lots of energy and can be danced to a variety of fast tempo 4/4 music.